Competition Marching Band 2021


Competition band First Year Shirt Day

August 2021

Band Camp Needs:

  • Schedule NO vacations, or doctor appointments during these two weeks of Band Camp. No exceptions or excuses.

  • EAT BREAKFAST: nothing heavy that will make them sick during activities (running, etc.) but something that will get them through till lunch. It is hard work on that field for hours. It is also hard intense work at times; their bodies need to be properly fueled and hydrated.

  • Binder

  • Sheet protectors

  • SUNSCREEN – apply to all exposed areas

  • Water AND Gatorade (to last all day)

  • (Freeze ½ to ¾ overnight then add more in morning so it slowly defrosts during the day)

  • Lunch & Snacks

  • Sunglasses

  • Field Markers – CD’s, checkers, etc., (things that are flat and won’t blow away in the wind. You can personalize them so you won’t get them confused with other marcher’s field markers.)

  • Music (to review)

  • Instruments – in proper working condition.

  • Color Guard equipment (TBD)

  • Sneakers that tie up (with socks.)

  • Deodorant

  • Hand Towel

  • Bandana (color will be decided by sections)

  • Zip lock bag for cell phones: They do practice in the rain and phones have been ruined because of it.

  • Clothing for all weather: hot/cold/rain BE PREPARED

  • Competition Band Show T-Shirts – *Mandatory purchase for all comp band students*. This Shirt is worn for the Parent Preview.

  • The Parent Preview is held on the Football field at 4pm on the Final Friday of Band Camp. This is to show off their hard work and the show to family and friends.


2021 Competition Schedule

Sept. 11  TOB Brick Township HS

346 Chambersbridge Rd. Brick, NJ 08723

Step Off:  6:45 PM 

Score: 76.16

TOB schedule & website.

Sept. 18, TOB Manchester Township  HS
101 Hawkes Way, Manchester Township, NJ 08753

Step Off: 6:15 PM

Score: 80.35

TOB website and Schedule

Sept. 18, USBands Brick Memorial HS
2001 Lanes Mill Rd. Brick, NJ 08724

Step Off: 8:00 PM


USBands Schedule

Sept. 25,  USBands Brick Township HS  
346 Chambersbridge Rd, Brick, NJ 08723

Step Off  5:00 PM

Score: 78.70

USBands Website 

Oct. 2, TOB Brick Memorial HS 
2001 Lanes Mill Rd, Brick, NJ 08724

Step Off  8:05 PM


TOB schedule & website.

Oct. 9,  USBands Somerville HS
222 Davenport Street, Somerville, NJ 08876

Step Off: 6:15 PM

Score: 83.40

USBands schedule & website.

Oct. 16,  USBands Matawan HS
450 Atlantic Ave.  Matawan, NJ 

Step Off  6:15 PM


USBands website

Oct. 24,  TOB Region 7 Championships
Toms River North HS
1245 Old Freehold Rd, Toms River, NJ 08753

Step Off: TBD


TOB Website

Oct. 30,  TOB NJ States Cherokee HS
120 Tomlinson Mill Rd. Marlton, NJ 08053

Step Off: TBD


TOB Website

Oct. 31 TOB ACC Championships
Central Dauphin Senior HS
437 Piketown Rd. Harrisburg,  PA 

Step Off: TBD


TOB Website